Friday Photo: High and Mighty Pug

High and Mighty Pug, 1782

I don’t know what I would do without the Lewis Walpole Library prints. Every time I find myself lacking inspiration for a Friday blog post I just start browsing and find something delightful. This week’s selection redresses an inequality on the blog; I am, in case it hasn’t been obvious, a cat-owner. I have posted several historical images of cats, but have been a bit neglectful of the canine community. I decided to make up for it this week, and to post not only a dog, but a pug. That happens to be the favorite breed of Hammond-Harwood House Director Carter Lively. This is a political pug too: in this print from 1782, entitled “The high and mighty pug answering Fox’s proposals of peace,” the pug represents the country of Holland and the fox is the English politician Charles Fox. I don’t think it looks like their negotiations are going very well, but I still find them both adorable.


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  1. Carter Lively

    That’s a pug alright! The reason pugs are associated with Holland is because they are the official dogs of the House of Orange. William the Silent was saved from assassination by his pug. Later, they accompanied William of Orange to England and attended the coronation of William and Mary wearing orange ribbons. They always seem to gravitate to high and mighty places!

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