Friday Photo: Not the Sofa!

I probably should’ve saved this one for Christmastime, but I just couldn’t wait. When oh-so-helpful intern Tara handed me a file folder containing this picture this morning I just knew it had to be today’s post. It incorporates so many of my favorite topics: pseudo-colonial costumes, bad museum practices (they’re sitting on the antiques!), and, of course, silly hair.

This is the cover of the Baltimore Sun’s TV Week magazine from December 24, 1972. A description of the picture is on the reverse, and it says that the Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting produced a special called “Christmas 1783,” which was taped in the Hammond-Harwood House. It was apparently “a re-creation of a holiday party of Colonial days.” If only we had a tape of the special…I can only imagine what other museum no-nos they committed during filming. In case it’s not clear, sitting on the sofa is now officially against Hammond-Harwood House rules!



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3 responses to “Friday Photo: Not the Sofa!

  1. Meghan

    This picture actually made me wince. There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of ignorance. Good thing you are there to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Ever.

  2. Phyllis Trexler

    As Oprah says, “when I know better, I do better”. It is nice that the “House” staff now knows better. Let’s hope they didn’t push the envelope and actually have tea in that pot and cups. Heard the boys had a great time at the Halloweeen event at HHH last night. Have a good weekend. Phyllis

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