Friday Photo: Rainy Days

The sun is attempting to peek through the clouds as I write this, but I’m not expecting it to succeed. In keeping with this week’s weather (rain, rain, and more rain), I thought I’d show you a humorous view of a few 18th century gentleman trying to protect themselves from the elements:

A Meeting of Umbrellas by James Gillray, 1782

The artist has not given them the most manly-looking umbrellas, so they look a bit silly. For much of the 18th century, only women were supposed to carry umbrellas. Apparently reverends and doctors could sometimes use this form of rain protection without ridicule, but other men were just supposed to get wet. Be grateful that times have changed gentlemen!



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2 responses to “Friday Photo: Rainy Days

  1. Carter

    Looking at these makes me wonder if they opened and closed. Does the Victoria and Albert have some of these male umbrellas?

  2. Phyllis Trexler

    No one does getting wet in the rain like Col. Brandon in “Sense and Sensibility”. Hope you are drying out and enjoying the sunshine.


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