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It’s been a busy week at the Hammond-Harwood House, as we’ve been editing, printing, and folding our biannual newsletter. The e-mail version should be going out tomorrow, so if you’re not already on our mailing list go to our homepage ( to subscribe. Since I haven’t had time to generate blog content, I thought I’d point you to another of my favorite blogs. Two Nerdy History Girls is written by Loretta Chase and Susan Holloway Scott, two authors of historical fiction that use their blog to share interesting tidbits they turn up while researching their books. I loved their post today about tight lacing, which just reinforces the fact that only a small minority of 18th-century women used their stays to try to reduce their waist size.



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2 responses to “Another Favorite Blog

  1. Carter

    So most staymakers were men?

    • Yes – the two women’s garments usually made by men were stays and riding habits. There’s actually a whole blog on 18th century stays, which has some really great information, including this post that features a Hogarth print with a woman being measured by a male staymaker.

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