Friday Photo: A Notable Bowl

The dining room at the Hammond-Harwood House is usually set for a fine meal, as if Matthias Hammond were entertaining guests. One of the things he might serve them is punch, out of this Chinese export porcelain bowl. This bowl has a storied past; it supposedly came to America on the ship Peggy Stewart, which the outraged citizens of Annapolis insist be burned because its owner imported tea during an embargo. The burning of the Peggy Stewart will receive its own blog post someday, when I’m better able to unravel Matthias Hammond’s involvement in the affair.

The story of the punch bowl is told in the 1887 book “The Ancient City: A History of Annapolis, in Maryland, 1649-1887” by Elihu S. Riley, on pages 309-310. It’s Riley who dubbed it “A Notable Bowl,” a fitting appellation. Click here to view the volume on Google Books.



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4 responses to “Friday Photo: A Notable Bowl

  1. Meg

    Was the book, “The World Turned Upside Down” by Ann Jensen?
    That book is about the children who lived in Sands House. Ann lives there now. The burning of the Peggy Stewart is a key event in that book. By the by, it is available for purchase in the HHH gift shop.

  2. Phyllis Trexler

    When I was a fifth grader, I remember reading a book about the burning of the “Peggy Stewart” it was a fiction novel sprinkled with some historical facts. I loved that book.

  3. Meghan

    It is a lovely bowl. What would Matthias be serving his guests? I take it he would not be serving sangria.

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