Friday Photo: New Old Fashion

I decided another fashion-related post was called for when I saw this photo. I think that this image is part of a series of postcards produced while St. John’s College owned the House, between 1926 and 1940. Obviously, it’s a 20th-century view of 18th-century fashion. The accuracy of their costumes leaves a bit to be desired, but I’m sure they felt fabulous in their Marie Antoinette wigs and enormous side hoops. I think that the docents at the House gave tours in costumes like these. Somehow I don’t think I could talk our current docents into wearing outfits this fabulous…



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3 responses to “Friday Photo: New Old Fashion

  1. Meg

    After reading the caption, perhaps prior to the Federated Garden Club purchase. Says it is a museum of St. John’s.

    As long as the AC was at “cold” would be ok to dress like that. Not sure about clearances around the house though.

    • My understanding is that the Federated Garden Club rented the House for a few years before they were able to purchase it. I was assuming that it was them dressed up, as I wasn’t sure who at St. John’s would’ve gone along with the idea… I think they must have had to turn sideways to go through doors in those outfits. Hopefully they didn’t manage to sweep the antiques off the tables.

  2. Phyllis Trexler

    I don’t know what would harder to wear, the dress or the wig, especially on a day like today. Keep cool.

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