Friday Photo: A New Concealment Shoe

This is the inside of the cornice on the Hammond-Harwood House roof:

Since we removed the original concealment shoe we found up there during our roof restoration, we needed a replacement. After all, we wouldn’t want bad luck or evil spirits to take advantage of our lack of protection. Executive Director Carter Lively was, after much prodding, convinced to place a pair of his much-loved shoes in the cornice to guarantee that the house stays safe for another 237 years.


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4 responses to “Friday Photo: A New Concealment Shoe

  1. I’m too attached to my shoes to seal them inside the roof! Especially my Chucks. That’s why we made Carter do it.

  2. Phyllis Trexler

    Sorry those shoes are rather ugly and probably would ward off evil spirits….the sexy red high heels would probably attrack them.

  3. Meghan

    I’m glad you will be protected for another 200 years, but the shoes are a little boring. I think you could have thrown in a pair of red stilettos or one of your favorite funky Chucks.

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