Family Tree

One of the new docents at the Hammond-Harwood House asked me to clarify how the descendants of William Buckland, the architect who designed the House, eventually came to live in it. I tried to explain it, but quickly realized that a visual aid would make both of our lives much easier. So I spent yesterday afternoon playing with a free family tree tool I found online, and now (hopefully) it is easy to see that William Harwood married Hester Ann Loockerman, whose grandfather Jeremiah Townley Chase had purchased the house for his daughter Frances Chase Loockerman and her family in 1811. William and Hester’s youngest daughter, Hester Ann, was the last private resident of the House.

Click on the family tree to enlarge it, and let me know if you have any more Chase/Loockerman/Buckland/Callahan/Harwood information for me to add.

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