Ssh, I’m Reading

Today is one of those days when I tell you to go read something other than my blog. Specifically, this book:

Jane McWilliams spent years researching and writing this comprehensive history of Annapolis, and it shows. The book covers the evolution of the town from 1649 to 1975 in with an amazing amount of detail. Should you feel the need to rush out and get a copy for yourself (which you should), the book is now for sale in the Hammond-Harwood House Museum Store. Members receive a 10% discount.



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4 responses to “Ssh, I’m Reading

  1. This book is amazing! I received a copy for my birthday, and I have been loving it!

  2. Carter

    I wholeheartedly second this! Jane’s history is the definitive work on Annapolis.

  3. Amazing to spend some of your best years researching one small town in a huge America. Actually looks very interesting–some of the best histories are not the most obvious ones

  4. Meghan

    Way to give me a new book to add to my already long list of “must read” books! This one would be a lot of fun to read. Right now I am reading the book about the Caton Sisters that you recommended.

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