Lunch with Jefferson?

Anyone who knows me knows how important food is to me; lunchtime is often a highlight of my workday. Today, I’d think I’d like to have a “Monticello salad,” which would include “a mixed bouquet of greens, including spinach and endive for winter use, orach, corn salad or mache, pepper grass, French sorrel, cress, and sprouts.” Apparently Thomas Jefferson really liked food too, and grew an impressive variety of vegetables at Monticello. He also liked wine; when he returned to America from France after serving as America’s minister there, he brought back 680 bottles. I learned these and other fun Jefferson food-related facts in a fabulous blog post at Careful – it might make you hungry.



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2 responses to “Lunch with Jefferson?

  1. Phyllis Trexler

    A Jefferson salad with a nice French wine sounds delicious especially on a muggy day like today. The nice part about lunch with Mr. Jefferson would be that he had a staff to prepare it, serve it, and clean it up. The boys would like to introduce Mr. Jefferson to the “blue box” of mac and cheese. They are looking forward to going to Monticello this summer. By the way they say HI!

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