Friday Photo: Dancing With Joy

This blog has had over 1,000 page views! Since that statistic has me dancing with joy around my office, I thought I would show you where 18th century Annapolitans did their dancing. This photograph, taken by the Historic American Buildings Survey, shows the Assembly Rooms at 150 Duke of Gloucester Street.

The building was added to in the 19th century, but the section in the front of the photograph was built in 1767 and used for the legislature while the State House was under construction. It also served as a space for balls and other social functions. A letter from the late 18th century describes the ballroom with smaller spaces used for gaming at either end, and served as the inspiration for the interpretation of the Gaming Room here at Hammond-Harwood House. To see the Assembly Rooms page from the Historic American Buildings Survey (where I found this photo), click here.


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  1. Phyllis Trexler

    So happy your blog is such a success. I enjoy reading it. Hope you continue to dance throughout the weekend. Happy 4th of July. PT

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